Unusual Causes Of Damage That Warrant A Second Look At Car Insurance

Ever had to submit a car insurance claim to your insurer?  In most cases, the claims are for dents, scratches, or collision damage caused by other vehicles or foreign objects.  The claims are processed by insurers, who then decide whether or not to compensate drivers for the damages.

In British Columbia, the ICBC, the provincial Crown Corporation responsible for providing universal car insurance coverage to residents handles claims from drivers.  The corporation is also responsible for issuing licenses and registrations to BC drivers and vehicles.

Over the years the ICBC has seen a number of different car insurance claims that were the result of a number of accidents – common and irregular alike.  But few insurers expect to receive claims resulting from wild bear attacks.

A woman who lives on Vancouver Island submitted a claim to the ICBC for damages caused by a black bear over the summer.  According to investigators that responded to the scene, black bears are very intelligent with strong noses that are capable of tracking the smell of fresh food.  In this particular case, the bear was tracking fresh fish that the woman was bringing home – and scratched up parts of the vehicle attempting to get to the smell.

While cases like bear attacks on cars are not that common in most areas across Canada, there are plenty of reasons that could cause significant and expensive damages to vehicles.  But if the cause of those damages is not cited as covered under an insurance plan, the cost to repair those damages comes out of the pocket of the driver.

As a result, many Canadians choose to shop around for car insurance plans to ensure their plans will address their individual needs.  In British Columbia, the issue is moot as the ICBC is the sole insurer for the province, though the plans are comprehensive enough to provide coverage for most incidents – the bear attack is up for debate.

The rest of Canada can browse through options from various car insurance providers to find the best plan at the most affordable cost.  There are many independent car insurance comparison sites that make this process easier, and provide detailed information on most car insurance providers across Canada.  This convenience means selecting a provider is one simple click away.

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