3 Ways to Save on Veterinary Care

Pets are part of the family, so when we see them suffer for any reason it hurts us, too. That’s why people spend so much money taking their fur friends to the vet for every nick and scrape. Dogs especially are particularly prone to accident and incident, since they are active and often bred through [...]

Considerations Before Becoming a Landlord

Real estate investing is popular still, and many people enjoy it and want to engage in it more than other forms of investing because it’s concrete and actionable. Often, people will buy homes or condos, fix them up, and flip them. This is one way to invest in real estate. Another way is to buy [...]

3 Reasons Debt Is Not a Good Idea

Debt is rampant in North America. People finance everything from mattresses to cars, homes to televisions. People marry partners and start their new lives in debt, because they wanted a bigger wedding than they could afford. They go to school and graduate with tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans. Debt has become [...]

3 Advantages of Real Estate Investing

Real estate has been a favorite investment for decades. Not only do people purchase homes for themselves and their families to live in, they also invest in homes, apartments, and townhouses to rent out. Whether or not real estate investing is the best idea depends on where you live and the market in your area. [...]

3 DIY Things You Can to Do Save Hundreds on Your Wedding

Getting married is an expensive endeavour, and many couples try to find alternative ways to save money with their wedding to protect their bank accounts and ensure that they are embarking on married life on the best financial footing possible. Going into debt to finance a wedding is never a good idea; it is one [...]

Will Gardening Save That Much Money?

Gardening is often touted as a great money saving endeavour. After all, what better way to save money on your grocery bill then to grow your own food? Plus, should you fancy organic, you can just grow your crops organically; no need to pay those high prices for organically farmed produce. However, people often forget that [...]

Save Money While Hosting a BBQ

The weather is getting nicer and nicer, and as a result many people are hosting groups for BBQs at their homes. These are good fun, especially when the sun is shining and you have a good crowd of people, but hosting of any sort can be expensive, and BBQs are no exception. Between paying for [...]

Statistical insights into the payday loans industry

This is a guest post by James Edwards, who is an MBA student and a financial writer and blogger who has been published on many of the UK’s most popular and authoritative websites.   You can say what you like about payday lenders; in fact, most of it will have been said before, but the [...]

Save $80 Per Month This Summer

Almost everyone can find some efficiencies in their budget, unless you are already running a bare-bones budget and can’t actually save any more. This is unlikely, and if you are having a hard time saving month to month, you may need to do a budgetary review to find something to cut back on so you [...]

3 Alternative Vacation Options for Summer

Summertime is here, and many families have vacation time booked. The kids are out of school, parents have time off work, the weather is nice and you want to get out of town! Summer is great for spending some quality time with your family outside of the home. It seems as if everybody is going [...]