Why Your Vehicle is Not an Asset

We see it over and over again: vehicles listed in the “asset” category of the family balance sheet. Banks and lenders want to know about your vehicle when they are considering whether to approve your loan request. Often, vehicle ownership will be used as collateral in the case of a default when it comes to [...]

Save Money on Your Travel Accommodation

Travel is something that most aspire to do. Who doesn’t want to see the world, experience new things, and try new foods? Travel is a very enriching experience that mot people love to dream about and do, but it is undoubtedly a very expensive experience as well. After all, how many people can afford to [...]

Tips For Finding the Best Deals Online Shopping

Online shopping can be far easier than shopping at a mall for the things that you need or driving from store to store trying to source whatever you want. There are many advantages to online shopping in time and monetary savings. That being said, there can be some disadvantages, such as shipping costs, the inability [...]

Check Your New Checking Account Fees

Your checking account may seem like a placid pool of money, patiently awaiting your wise allocation. What many of us don’t realize is that our peaceful pond is swarming with predatorial fee-monsters, as many as thirty lurking in the deep waters of your banks fine print policies. If you have opened up one such account [...]

3 Hidden Costs in Travelling

Travelling is an amazing, character building experience which can provide you with insight and open mindeness that not many other endeavours can. Most people strive to at least visit a couple of places in their lives, but many far more than that. Despite the cost of travelling, it is still largely worth it. Many of [...]

Date Nights for Less

Whether it’s your first date or you’re going on a date with your spouse of 20 years, you want to impress the person you are taking out, without going overboard and trying to be too flashy. There are plenty of things you can do on a date besides dinner and a movie, which cost a [...]

How to Avoid Food Waste

Food waste is an expensive problem, and is also wide-spread across the nation. Americans waste up to ten times the amount of food of a person in a different country, and that’s nothing to cough at. After all, that is money going down the drain and for our already cash strapped families, struggling to save [...]

Unconventional Ways to Save

Even though you should also be looking to earn more money when evaluating your finances and considering how to put more away for a rainy day, it’s also important to be frugal and find ways to save on your every day purchases. There are many ways to save money, including couponing, looking up deals online, [...]

Earn More Vs. Spend Less

When you are faced with a difficult financial situation, or maybe just want to be able to save more money for a rainy day or retirement, the first thing you think of is saving money by spending less of it. Maybe you want to cut back on your grocery bill, maybe buy fewer items of [...]

3 Investments You Can Actually Touch

Investing money on the stock market can be daunting to many. The notion of putting your money into something that you can’t see or touch, and hoping for money back out of that “investment” is beyond comprehension. That’s why many people prefer to invest in things that they can physically see, touch, and wrap their [...]

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