Three Tips to Save on Fuel in the Long Run

If you take a look at your finances, especially if you live in a large town, you will see that a considerable share of your revenue is left each month at the gas pump. Unfortunately, we can’t relay on public transportation all the time, so we need to spend on gas – but with a few tricks we can always finish the month with less money spent on it. Here we go.

1. Keep your engine in a good condition

Overused, run-down and under-serviced engines can increase your gas consumption with up to 10 percent. A car’s fuel economy can also be harmed seriously by a dirty air filter or dirty oil in the engine – this will lose some of its lubricant properties, and less friction leads to higher gas consumption.

To maintain your car’s fuel efficiency and prevent it to consume more than it is supposed to, have it services regularly, change the air filter as often as necessary (this can easily be done at home) and keep your oil clean. Also, make sure your gas cap fits tightly – fuel has the annoying habit of vaporizing, and in the long run this can also gather up to a significant amount.

2. Keep your tires pumped up and your AC off

According to a recent study half of the cars currently on the road have their tires under-inflated. This, according to specialists, will cause the car to consume on average 2% more fuel. To maintain the best fuel economy, keep the pressure in your tires at their nominal level – inflating them is usually free at garages and gas pumps.

Another major consumer of your fuel is your car’s air conditioning system. An average AC will increase a car’s fuel consumption with up to 25%, so it’s better left off unless it’s really necessary. Things change, though, when you travel at 60 miles or over – in this case use the AC and close the windows, as open windows increase drag, that at high speeds costs you more than your AC would consume.

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Do you know which car consumes the least fuel? No, not the electric – it’s the one that you leave in the garage. The best way to reduce your fuel consumption is to use your car only when it’s necessary. For a short trip in town you can walk, ride a bike – besides reducing your costs, walking or biking count as exercise – or choose public transportation (this way you have some extra time to play your favorite iPad Games available at Red Flush Mobile while waiting at the station or traveling).

If you have to commute, you can reduce your fuel costs by sharing your car – and the gas money – with some colleagues. When you use your car, plan your trips so that you can do the most with one trip, to avoid taking any unnecessary ones.

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