Batch Cooking to Save On Your Grocery Bill

4945883976_5917e8cf47There are many ways to cut back your grocery budget, such as shopping at discount stores, using coupons, and even shopping at stores like Costco to buy in bulk.

Among those tried, tested and true methods of slashing the grocery bill is another good method: a really good way to cut back your grocery budget is to bulk, or “batch” cook.

Cooking in Batches

If you can cook in batches, and freeze the meals for later on in the week or even the month, you’ll have pre-made meals that will last you for a long period of time.

Typically, this is effective if you double the recipe or if there is only 1-2 people and you keep the recipe a normal size.

How This Saves Money

Batch cooking will help you save money for a few reasons:

1. You can plan your meals around in season, on sale ingredients.

If your local grocery store has a great deal on fresh tomatoes this week, buying them in bulk, making them into a recipe (ie tomato soup) and freezing the finished product will help you save.

2. You save on gas

In two ways, you save on gas. You won’t have to drive to the grocery store as often as if you didn’t batch cook, and you also will save on natural gas used to heat your stove. You will be using the capacity of the stove to cook a big batch of food.

3. You’ll save on eating out

I find it’s easier to make excuses to go out to eat when I don’t have anything with which to make a meal. If you have ready-made meals in your freezer, you can’t use this as an excuse anymore.

Batch cooking is a proven method of saving money on your grocery bill, and is used by many people to reduce that large expense.


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