Ways to Find Money to Save

via Tax Credits on Flickr

via Tax Credits on Flickr

Over and over again, we hear about people that use the excuse that they can’t save money for the future because they don’t have enough money in the now. Many people struggle to put money away when they are already living hand to mouth. There is always a way to save, and there’s no better time to start than now. If you delay saving money now, you could be shooting yourself in the foot for the future.

Here are a few suggestions on how to find money to put away:

Cut a Bill

Your future is more important than having cable now. Cut down a bill. If you don’t have cable, cut out banking fees by finding a free bank. Re-mortgage your house so that you can save money on interest. Find somebody to carpool with to cut down on your gas expenses. There are dozens of other ways to find savings, even just in your home by finding efficiencies.

Cutting bills is one way to find savings to put away for the future.

Make More

Making more money is the best way to find money to save.

Ask for a raise and save it instead of adding it into your budget. If this isn’t an option, pick up a few hours at a local store each week and put that pay away for retirement. Make extra money online. There’s always the potential to make more money, even if you have to work more hours.


If you already have savings sitting in your checking account, take it out of that account and invest it into a vehicle that will provide you with interest. Compound interest can go a long way to helping you retire eventually or save some extra money that you wouldn’t otherwise have.


There are some people that can’t do any of these things, but they are few and far between. Your future self will thank you if you start saving now.

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