How to Get Free Firewood

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Having a wood burning fireplace can save a lot of money on heating for home owners in the winter, however, much of the cost savings are eaten up by the cost of firewood. Most gas stations and tree farms sell firewood, but it can cost upward of $5/bundle! A bundle will only last you for a couple of cold evenings, so that’s not an option for many people.

It’s not difficult to get free firewood without breaking the law. Many people will go into the woods and cut down trees, or salvage dead, fallen trees from the forest floor. This is against the law in many municipalities. Here are some legal ways to get free fire wood:

Lumber Companies

You may be surprised as to how much lumber that lumber companies throw away and have to pay to discard. If you go to a lumber mill, ask if they have scrap wood. Usually they are happy to get rid of it, and even encourage you to take it away for free.

This is a great option because you can get an entire truck load in one trip for free.


Many shipping and furniture companies get shipments of pallets that they throw away after they unpack their shipment. Pallet wood is generally really good for burning as it’s hard wood. Approach these types of stores (if you go around the back end of the building and there is pallets outside, you know they have them) and ask if you can take the pallets off of their hands. Management is usually happy to let you have them. You just have to chop them up!


Many home owners chop down trees on their properties or switch out their wood burning fire places and have excess wood, so checking out these online classifieds can be a gold mine. Usually these home owners want to get rid of the wood for free, instead of having to deal with it themselves.


There’s no reason you can’t get free firewood to keep you warm in the winter.

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