3 Ways to Save on Your Phone Bill

iphone-5-pressIt’s now 2015, and you’re probably doing a review of your finances for the New Year. Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you’re cutting out bills and slashing expenses, and you are almost out of ideas about how to spend less in your budget.

There are a lot of ways you can save, but of the biggest ways you can and should save money is through your phone bill.

Almost everyone has the ability to save more in this area.

Here are three ideas to save money on your phone bill and meet your goals:

1. Cut One of the Lines

Do you have both a cell phone and a home phone? That is completely unnecessary and the home phone is a waste of money. Everybody who has one has an excuse as to why they want to keep it around, but at the end of the day it costs far more than it should and it’s pointless to have two phones.

Since you can take the cell phone with you anywhere, it’s more efficient to keep the cell phone, so save money by cutting the cord on the home phone.

2. Watch Your Usage

So many people don’t even check their phone bill after it’s been issued. The over usage fees can really add up and the only way to ensure you aren’t incurring extra fees is to watch your usage by checking regularly.

IF you find you are constantly going over in long distance minutes or data, upgrade your plan. You’ll save money that way rather than incurring those fees for going over.

3. Cut Your Data

Most of us have Wifi at work, and everyone has it at home. Most public spaces also have Wifi, so we really don’t need data on our phones – especially considering it’s not good for us to be constantly on our phones, anyway.

Cut the data plan for greater savings.


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