3 Things to NOT Do With Your Money This Year

Photo via mrwallpaper.com

Photo via mrwallpaper.com

You have some really good New Year’s resolutions and you can’t wait to get started.

You have set up a budget, and you know where your money is going this month. You’ve got some big, hairy audacious goals and you’re excited to make this the best year ever.

The New Year is, indeed, and exciting time, but there are a few things that you should endeavour not to do with your money in 2015.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Tim Ferriss calls this the “not to do” list, and it’s a very effective way of keeping yourself on track. He uses it for things like not checking email more than once a week or day, but you can use it as a “not to do” in 2015 with your finances, too:

Don’t Buy Crap You Don’t Need

You knew this one was going to end up on the list. This is the biggest “not to do” out there, because it leads to debt and clutter and steals money from your future self – which, admit it – you need for retirement.

Buying stuff you don’t need is pointless, and you may have to train yourself if you are used to convincing yourself that you do need consumer items.

Do Not Borrow Money (Or Lend It)

Borrowing money is debt. Do you want to be in debt this year? Probably not. If you already are in debt, don’t slip farther into the debt hole.

On the same note, don’t lend money, either. If you are going to give money to somebody, do it as a gift, because your relationships are not worth lending somebody money that you can’t afford not to get back.

Don’t Waste Money in Ignorance or Laziness

Do you want to work for your money to be just thrown down the drain because you’re lazy or ignorant? Probably not.

Instead of going through drive-thrus out of laziness, or letting your car break down out of ignorance therefore costing you a ton of money unnecessarily, do your research, take care of your stuff, and don’t be lazy!

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