3 Things to Cut Out Of Your Diet and Budget

Over the course of a year, we consume a lot of.. well, crap. Some of the food items we eat and drink don’t seem all that bad for you, but they actually are, and many people aren’t aware of the impact that these food items can have on your health.

In addition to hurting your health, these things can also hurt your wallet. After all, all unhealthy food hurts your wallet in more ways than one – medical costs for when your body finally decides it doesn’t want to take the junk anymore, and the cost of the unhealthy, unnecessary food to begin with.Sandy Wexler film trailer

Here are three things you can cut out right now for your diet and your budget:


It’s surprising that so many people still think milk is good for you, but it’s not. Milk not only is an unnatural food source for humans (unless you just so happen to also be a baby cow), it’s full of hormones and sugar.

Many argue that milk is necessary for calcium and a handful of other nutrients, but if you eat a balanced diet, you should be getting more than enough calcium through leafy green vegetables and various other sources.

Plus, this stuff is expensive!

Sugary Juices

Sure, vegetable juice is good for you, if you juice it yourself – but buying fruit and vegetable juice from the store is not only costly but it’s pointless. It’s terrible for your health and is a ridiculous thing to spend money on. It’s like actually buying excess fat and blood sugar issues.

Restaurant Food

Even at the nicest restaurant, eating out is never as good for you as eating in, and it’s always more expensive. The amount of sodium, sugar, and non-natural fats that is put into food from a restaurant should be criminal.


So many families have these three things as a regular part of their diets, but enjoying them as a treat every once in awhile is far better.


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