3 Things to Avoid Spending Money On While You Travel

photoTravel is a fun experience, but it can start to be costly if you don’t watch your wallet.

You already have to pay for flights, food, and attractions – these things are inevitable, unless you plan on skipping attractions – but there are ways to save money other than getting a deal on your transportation and accommodation.

Here are a few things to avoid spending money on to save on your next trip:

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a huge money waster, especially in tourist areas of the larger cities of the world. In Barcelona, Spain for example, you can end up spending almost $5 on a small bottle of water – just one! – in the touristy districts.

Instead of paying for bottled water, bring a re-usable water bottle on your trip and fill it up in the restaurant of your hotel or at a cafe with filtered water.

Some cities have tap water that is safe to drink but not all, so beware.


Souvenirs are an expensive waste of money – if you want a keepsake from your trip, make your souvenir your photographs that you take. You can have prints made and frame them when you get home, or do something artistic with your photographs, but you don’t want to buy tacky tourist souvenirs and be on the hook for bringing them home.


Of course you have to pay for transportation when you are getting to the city you are visiting, but you certainly do not have to pay for transportation – or all that much, anyway – when you are actually in the city. Avoid taxis and try to walk everywhere you can. It’s good exercise and can be one of the best ways to see a city.

If you can’t walk to the attractions you want to see, then you can always take the bus, subway, or metro. They are easier to figure out than you ¬†might think.

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